John Cherry | John Cherry Woodcraft
Last year I had the pleasure of meeting a new friend and colleague, David Town. David is from Bend Oregon. The day we met, David had been surfing at San-O with another good friend of mine, Larry Cecil. David heard that Larry was stopping by my shop after surfing. David came with him and Larry introduced us to each other. I immediately found David to be a bright and likeable young man and learned that he was also a talented board builder, shaper and fin maker.

After getting to know David and seeing examples of his work it became clear to me that David is one of the right minded, right hearted and exceptionally talented craftsmen in our industry. He creates beautiful balsa boards and wooden fins, including ones modified for center box application.

David is a generation younger than I and so is a bit younger in his career than I. Because of David's natural talent, the quality of his work already and his true appreciation and understanding of the art involved in our craft, I have been pleased to share with David some of the technical methods, tools and timesaving tricks of our craft that I developed over the years or that were earlier passed down to me. Truth be said, he already possessed many of them.

The timing of our introduction is important in another way. I am retiring from surfboard and fin making as a business. It gives me great comfort to know that I can refer future inquiries to David Town with a very high recommendation regarding his talent and abilities.

David, Keep Rockin' the incredible fins! Aloha, JC

Byron Baumann
I first met Dave through Mike Black last summer while surfing at Doheny with Mike and a few other heads. He is one of those people you just like right away. Humility and kindness go a long way and are hard to find, but not with Dave and his talents that go into making these fins. He made my first fin, a Koa Wood Reverse D, for a 10' Pig I had shaped for myself. The board performs exceptionally well, snaps thru turns, and holds in the pocket. I am convinced 60% of that is fin performance and really makes this board come alive.

The second two fins he sent to me were to hopefully make a "not-so-good" pig perform better. It was my last ditch effort before selling the board.

The Reverse D and Traditional D fin that he made were to fit in a box that was placed too far forward. Dave made them custom so the fin would sit farther back, as it is supposed to on a traditional Pig. It really made the board come alive and surf much better than it had in the past. I was stoked! I now had reason to keep the Pig in my quiver. He basically saved it from going to someone else.

Each time I ordered a fin, I received them way sooner than expected and the craftsmanship rivals any you can find in the surf industry. The thing I really like is you can tell that each one has its own personality and version of Dave's art that goes into the fin. I did promise I would share these, but it's gonna be hard to hand them over! I am somewhat attached to each one.

Bottom line, Dave rules super hard, has a ton of talent and Warrior Wood Fins is a very small company that shows integrity. I am a stoked, proud, and humbled owner of 3 of these fins with more in my future.

Bird | Bird's Surf Shed
Just got it and I'm speechless(which for me is rare) at the quality of the fin and your generosity. Our relationship started the first day we met a few years and three fin set ups later. I have posted pics of your latest masterpiece on line and I'll ask my web guy to link to your page if that is OK. Though you can bet this fin will get used until it has been and then after it will be on display along with the others for potential orders. Surfing is an art that can not be accomplished with out the art of the board builders who shape, glass and produce treasures such as you. The SHED is honored to be able to show your craft and work with you in all ways possible. Your company is officially Bird's Surf SHED Certified and Approved!

With Respect,

Dave Beach | Backporch Coffee Roasters
Dave, I cannot tell you how grateful we are for your amazing handiwork! We are blown away by how incredible the tap handles look! I wasn't exaggerating when I said that you were one of the best people we've ever worked with; speedy, well communicated, efficient, amazing product outcome, etc. I'll promote you to anyone!